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Gold Jewellery Buying Tips: When buying gold there are a couple things to consider. The first thing that will want to be looked at when purchasing gold is the karat and the second thing is the colour. When looking at karats it is important to keep in mind the hardness of the gold. 18k and 14k are both very nice qualities of gold that are good and hard and appropriate for jewellery. Remember that the lower the karat number the lower the percentage of gold is that is contained in the jewellery. This may mean that the jewellery will be harder, but it will also have a lot less gold in it.

I began writing articles on the different settings and styles available for engagement rings and wedding rings. The reason I did was due to many emails I received from people needing information on particular rings. There has been a resurgence of platinum wedding and engagement rings, so I thought I would include some articles regarding the history of this precious metal.

Career As Jewellery Designer: Jewellery designers plan the style and pattern of jewellery, silver Jewellery Fashion ware and other decorative metalwork products. The designs may be for mass production, or be made individually or in small numbers by the Designer Fashion Jewellery or by other craft workers.

Jewellery designers use their understanding of metals, gemstones and other materials to produce designs which either meet the brief of a client or have the potential to attract customers. As well as creative and practical skills, self-employed designers need marketing skills and commercial awareness.
Self-employment often involves both the design and making of jewellery, which is then sold through outlets such as shops, galleries and craft fairs.

We also feature some Google advertising and select merchants that we list in our directories. I put many, many hours into finding reputable merchants and quality jewelry advertising.

The gorgeous silver Jux charm bracelet is a heavy link bracelet which can have any combination of charms attached. Just order the bracelet and whichever charms you want and we will make up the
bracelet for you. Its easy to add more charms later as they come with a silver key ring style attachment as shown in the picture below.

Jewellery Earrings For Men:

Nowadays there are a vast number of men that wear jewelry earrings. There are a vast number of television programs that encourage men to take pride in their appearance and these programs also show men those latest fashions.

Ring Sizing:

There are a number of ring sizing systems in use around the world. The ring sizing system is being used in UK. If you already have a ring that fits your chosen finger, measure the inside diameter of
the ring in millimetres and use the conversion chart to determine your UK ring size.

Welcome to our UK based online-ordering body piercing jewellery store. Body Jewellery Direct delivers high quality body jewellery, belly button rings, belly bars, navel jewellery, tongue rings, nipple jewelry, eyebrow rings, and much more for sale at great prices direct to your door.

Christmas is almost upon us!

Due to the huge volume of orders this time of year and inevitable postal delays we can no longer guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. Please contact us before placing an order if it must be delivered
before the 25th.
Fashion and Beauty: Beading together – the Hoilme Valley crafty jewellers
A group of Holme Valley women have founded a jewellery-making workshop and are learning to design and create unique pieces for themselves. HILARIE STELFOX went along to meet them.

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Anyway, enough about me. It’s all about you and what you need for a special ring. If you are a bride to be and you are researching the different ring settings, you have come to the right place.

If you are groom to be and you need to find a great price on your soon to be wife’s engagement or wedding ring, you have certainly come to right web site.

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