Giraffe Print Handbags

When it comes to choosing a handbag there is no limit to the options that women have to choose from. But, as with everything in fashion there is an ever changing trend in design, print, and color.

There are a few exceptions to this rule and these pieces are called classics, the handbag that every woman’s closet should have. For example every woman should have a simple black bag for evening wear. Among the classics are certain animal prints that while their popularity may fade in and out some, they never truly go out of style. One of these prints that is experiencing an up right now is the giraffe print handbag.

These bags can be found in varying colors so that you can easily pair them with different outfits. For example there is a tan spotted bag that lies on beige backdrop. This particular bad contains double looped handles, very in now, which allows carrying ease and better access. There is also a design known as the downtown bag, which incorporates dark colored patches of brown along with patches of white, and includes distinctly blue and red patches. The straps on this bag are decorated with gleaning studs up and down them, giving it that downtown feel.

This bag was no doubt designed to catch eyes and turn heads. The downtown handbag is also very functional as the inside measures 16in in length and 11in in height. This is a fun bag for festive occasion it makes a statement that you are a fun and vibrant person.

You can also include this print in your closet in a more simple form with the basic white giraffe handbag. these bags are meant to serve as an everyday all-purpose tote around bag. And, for those young and hip looking for something a bit more off the wall there us the tattooed giraffe bag. That features tattoo style skulls and hearts over the giraffe print.

Giraffe Print Handbags

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