Summer clothing should be a blend of light and breezy clothes. Summers are undoubtedly unbearable and we hear people cribbing about the hot weather. Traveling, walking, shopping crop up as major problems because there seems to be no solution to beat the weather. Men sweat more than women so their clothes should be more absorbent and must provide a relaxed feeling.

People love to go on outings during summer vacations of their kids or they may take a week’s leave to relax themselves. During this refreshment period men prefer slipping into some comfortable and cool outfit, that allows them to enjoy their holidays. Cotton and linen pants are highly worn during summers because they are light and prevent sweating. Men prefer loose fitted shirts in sober and light colors which allow them to do all activities comfortably. Summer vacation mens clothing should be funky and should be for chill out purposes only.

The most apt vacation outfit must be stylish and thereby provide ample of breathing space. Casual sweat shirts, polo t-shirts look amazing when attired with pants or shorts. These are simple light clothes which provide extreme comfort and hence they have become the first choice amongst all vacation clothes available. While on an outing,cargo shorts and four or six pocket pants are an impeccable choice that men often attire with short sleeve button down shirt.

Summer clothing trends should be simple, elegant and something which can accentuate the entire look. On a hot summer day, plain white shirt seems to be soothing and helps in bearing the hot temperature. Gaudy clothes are avoided and casual clothes complete the perfect look of a summer holiday.

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