Christmas eve is around the corner and its time to set your wardrobe for the party. Party clothes with minimal pieces but maximum glimmer in a unique and different look are perfect for every party. But don’t forget that you have to make use of those clothes after festive season also.

Classic pieces that go with everything are the most appropriate options to choose and they can be worn for most occasions. Best are the neutral colors that flatters you and matches with your jewelery tones. The best color option you could use as your foundation is black.

Black always make you look slim and also goes best with other neutrals as well as bright colors and metallics. That is why black is considered the most ideal base color for your wardrobe. You can wear one accessory, that can be coupled up with your dress, in metallic shade and you will look awesome. But, do not forget to color your eyes with smoky shades, which will give real party look.

Mini skirts with shimmery tops is the most convenient option that can be followed, high-heel sandals would add an extra feather to one’s beauty. This will also discover more of sassy look.

Silk tops are another better option, silk as a fabric flows sensuously over your body. Silk tops not only feel divine against your skin, but also make you look feminine.

Another great option would be to pick a fairly plain dress in basic black or stunning red and put on stylish fashion accessories, that will do the hard work. Moreover, add one trendy piece of jewelry like a gorgeous long strand of pearls or a sparky Christmas-themed brooch and carry a beautiful beaded purse, your outfit surely will speak volumes.

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