Sequin garments are sparkling, glitzy and colorful. Garments which are nicely and neatly embellished with sequins look elegant and they have a touch of sophistication in them. Last season’s tenor toward sparkles is staying around for fall. Sequins are seen everywhere: on sarees, suits, tops, shirts, leggings, skirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes – you name any type of attire, and someone has probably sewn sequins onto it.

Modern sequined garments are designed and manufactured for multipurpose wear. Sequins are now as ubiquitous in day-to-day fashions of today’s young generation. The sophistication level of sequins has grown leaps and bounds from the multicolored, to matching colors, to different styles of geometric patterns. Contemporary sequin garments offer more refined-looking sequins in color palettes that enable greater versatility and also increases the overall appropriateness of the person who is wearing.

This trend of sequin clothing can easily be mingled into your existing attire. Like sequin skirts would be the best idea to start with, when styling a sequin skirt, do not ever forget situational appropriateness. Pairing a full-on sequin skirt with a sequined top is simply not going to work outside and it will sound more gaudy. Alternately, a cotton t-shirt is not going to be dressed up for a party, simply by pairing it with a sequin skirt as the entire combination will sound as an odd pairing. In this case light weight and light worked sequined garment would be the best option.

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