While high fashion always stays for a while, traditional children’s clothes are what kids wear most. Try keeping to the basics for most items and adding a few fashion-forward touches.

Jeans, t-shirts, sneakers constitute a large part of a child’s wardrobe. These kids clothing never goes out of trend and are great for mixing and matching.

Cargo pants and vintage t-shirts are in fashion for boys. Cargo pants are as tough and versatile as jeans. Vintage tops have designs familiar to parents and worshiped by kids are the: the Beatles, Superman, Batman, and other classic favorites.

Vintage t-shirts for girls feature feminine favorites such as Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman and many other animal friends. T-shirts aren’t just common short-sleeve, straight body or crewneck knit shirts anymore. Tees are now referred to a whole variety of knit shirts-hoods, long sleeves, and v-necks which are some of the popular options available. Layering is good, with classic cardigan sweaters which are still in style.

Now some caring instructions need to be followed in the case of kids clothing:
Children are usually tough on their clothing. To make kids clothes lasting until they outgrow them, follow the washing instructions which are specified on the labels. Before you put the clothes in the washing machine, its better to separate dark and light colors. It is also advised to separate denims and bright colors from the general clothes the first few times you wash them. Its better to pre-treat stains and repair small holes and tears before washing any kids clothing. Also zip up zippers to prevent snagging. While drying kids clothes, turn colored and black garments inside out to prevent fading.

So if you focus on the basics and add some quality specialty items, you can easily keep your children well clothed at a reasonable expense.

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