When starting a clothing line there is no doubt in my mind and yours that you WILL make mistakes. Start a Clothing Line is here to make sure the amount of mistakes you make are limited and we will all have this list to thank.

Here is a list of common mistakes many young clothing companies make:

Money is your Priority-Placing making money as a top priority when starting a clothing brand. Yes making money is important and yes why else would you start a business if it isn’t making money, but and that is a big but! You will most likely not make money or break-even for the first 1-3 maybe even 5 years with a clothing business to be realistic.
Do business with the best-Not performing a background check on stores before offering them consignment and they stiff you on the billed goods. This happen to my business in the first month!
Cash Flow-Not having sufficient cash flow to fill re-orders of popular clothing styles and giving the retailer a bad impression of your clothing business, therefore jeopardizing the chance of a reorder next season. At one time I missed out on a $10,000 order…needless to say I was depressed.
Family Manners-Letting family members work for me! Big mistake they will run all over you if you let them 😉
Internet/NetworkingNot starting this blog sooner. I meet wonderful people who I could’ve networked with to build the ultimate clothing line because there is talent all-over the internet especially on my previous site http://dobizo.com
Marketing Online-Not realizing the selling/promotional potential of social networking sites for your clothing company
Somethings are Free-Using too much money on promotions and marketing just because you have it, then to later on find out about all kinds of free ways of reaching the masses without spending a penny with a little hard work. Sometimes its better to have less money starting out it will teach you to budget and once your properly financed you will appreciate it and balance the financial side of your clothing business much better
Partnership-Partnering with people who have the same talent as you. It is better to hire/partner with people who complement your strong points and pick up were you lack
Targeting/Research-I sold to the first store that came calling not the worst scenario, but in my case it wasn’t the best move. I was excited at the fact that a store wanted to sell my line without thinking if it was a fit for the market I was targeting
Try before you Buy-Exhibiting at a trade show without attending it first. This to me is a must! Get a feel of the flow of the show and how it works. See what booths and presentations/walkways get the most buyer foot traffic and why they do
Have some sort Plan-Creating a business plan from the beginning. This isn’t a must, but your day to day flow goes much better, because you have a better understanding of what must be performed in order to reach your ultimate goal. Plus investor wouldn’t take you serious without it…so why should anybody else.
Knowing your market-Not acknowledging your competition.
Undercapitilized-Starting my clothing company under-capitalized. It can be done, but it takes so much extra effort and dedication to just keep it running from day to day. If you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes too see your dreams materialize.
Energy-Surrounding yourself with positive people who have a similar goal in mind for the clothing company. This is a very big deal when those hard days hit and it seems like everything is going wrong having people who believe in a common goal will get your company back on track.
Professionialism/Courteous-Walking into stores and not setting appointments before hand. Buyers hate that! It’s very unprofessional. Buyers want you on their schedule and because your a new company, plus you want their business they have the upper hand.
Blueprint-Not setting goals for your company. This is a terrible mistake, because in order to grow/build a company you must know what your working toward. Its like your blueprint to success
Look Big Operate Small-Creating a online presence for your clothing line. Without a website your missing out on reaching an audience that you probably couldn’t sell too as a start up clothing company, because most of your accounts will probably be local. I know you don’t want to miss out on a potential sell?
Place your pride aside-Limiting your knowledge and potential by not asking experienced professionals for information, or not performing an act, because you have too much pride. When starting a business there will be plenty of days when you do stuff that you normally wouldn’t want to. You are just limiting your chance of building up to a great opportunity by being hard headed thinking inside the box instead of out.
Either I can’t count or you’ve come to realize that there aren’t 100 mistakes, but that is where you come in. Add a comment below and let all our readers know some common mistakes you’ve made from above or add to the list so we can all benefit.

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